Have you ever wondered what it takes to care for the greyhounds at MGPS? Please consider getting more information and see about becoming a volunteer by calling Dawn at 557-3166

Click here to download the volunteer application


We are in urgent need of both volunteers to commit to coming weekly and also helpers to be with experienced volunteers to care for the Greyhounds each week. Is anyone willing to commit to just 6-8 weeks (or hopefully longer if possible) to help out by holding gates and helping with some chores. This would be a HUGE help to those volunteers that are coming in alone to care for the Greyhounds.

The Greyhounds at MGPS need you!! Any help is very much appreciated, and you will have the pleasure of spending time with some amazing Greyhounds.

If you would like to be an MGPS volunteer or volunteer helper, please text or call me at 207-557-3166. Dawn

*If a volunteer is under 18, then we would ideally like the parent to volunteer with them. On a case-by-case basis, teens could be linked with experienced volunteers but the parent and teen would need to come to an orientation to start that process.