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Greyhound Holiday Gathering and Pot Luck Supper
Saturday, December 2nd, 2023

Come gather with your greyhounds and friends! Shopping and social starts at 3pm and a pot luck dinner begins at 5pm.

  • Holiday Photos by Axell Photography
  • Paw Painting by Camp Half Hound, pet sitting--(buy an adorable framed painting using your greyhound's own paws)
  • Bath and Nail clipping
  • Tally Ho shopping
  • Desert Sale
  • Door Prize
  • Raffles
  • 50/50
  • and so much more!

The Greyhounds have also made a wish list for their Christmas tree! They appreciate all the supplies and donations through the year and for Christmas they said that they are wishing for:

FOOD: We mostly love Purina One Chicken and Rice but also like Purina Dog Chow Complete-Chicken sometimes.

WARMTH: Blankets—even ones that have been used! We LOVE to snuggle into a nest of blankets to nap in.

BEING CLEAN: The humans use Liquid Laundry Detergent/Bleach/Fabric Softener Sheets & Paper Towels/Toilet Paper & 13 and 55 Gallon Trash Bags—all for the humans to help us stay clean and our area stay clean!

TREATS: Milk bones of any size! If they are Large, we get them as a treat. If they are the smallest ones, we get them when we are working on learning new things. We are always trying to be good and get some of those yummy things.

MONEY: The humans say that monetary donations would be GREYT!! It can be used for anything and everything that we need.

**If you are not able to come to the event but would like to donate to the greyhounds, you can give via PayPal greyhoundkennel@roadrunner.com or mail donation to the Greyhounds to MGPS 231 Old Belgrade Rd. Augusta, ME 04330


Maine Greyhound Placement Service is continuing to bring Greyhounds to Maine!

We have teamed up with James River Greyhounds to offer transport to bring their Greyhounds to Maine to find their forever homes. MGPS donates transport costs and volunteers to drive the over 24 hours that it takes to go down and bring the Greyhounds back to Virginia! We have complete four trips with GREYT success and looks forward to many more!

There are Greyhounds that have medical needs that need to be taken care of before finding their forever homes. MGPS has always taken in Greyhounds that need more time/money for care and will continue to help Greyhounds that have medical needs.

The other way that there are Greyhounds available is when any Greyhound needs to come back to us for ANY reason. We are happy and willing to take any Greyhound that has been adopted back into the kennel/foster home, provide any medical care needed and then find them their forever homes. Through the pandemic this has happened more frequently than ever before and MGPS will continue to be there for every Greyhound that has been adopted if there is a need for them to come back to us. We have great success at finding these Greyhounds their forever homes by finding a home/family that meets their needs at that time vs having first come, first serve type of adoptions.

Working with IRGT/GPA is another way that Greyhounds are coming to Maine. These are the Irish Greyhounds and we have completed one transport and plan to do more! These are amazing Greyhounds and the process was made easier by the amazing team that works together to bring the Irish Greyhounds to the USA. This is all to say that Maine Greyhound Placement Service has Greyhounds available for adoption!! Please go to greyhoundplacement.com to be one step closer to finding your new Greyhound to adopt.

If anyone is not in a place to adopt but would like to support MGPS, there are several ways that you will be able to help. We need foster homes, volunteers, and donations! MGPS needs foster homes occasionally for a short term until the Greyhound can go into their forever home. We need volunteers to help care for the Greyhounds while they are in the kennel before going to their forever homes. Volunteering is different than in years past when there would be between 30-50 Greyhounds at a time!! Now we usually have around five. The turn outs are an easy-going time of taking the Greyhounds out to have some time to exercise, washing any laundry needed, washing any dishes, etc. Then you get to socialize and spend time loving them! If you would like to volunteer, please go to the Volunteer Application to fill out a volunteer application. Volunteering can also include non-Greyhound activities like helping to maintain the building and grounds, help with fundraising, help with meet and greets, etc.

Donating to MGPS is a great way to support the Greyhounds. This can be done by PayPal at greyhoundkennel@roadrunner.com; you can also call Dawn at 207-557-3166 to donate by debit/credit card. This donation could be one time or MGPS has a 12 x 12 program that is a great way to support the Greyhounds throughout the year! This is when anyone could donate $12 for 12 months and support the Greyhounds over the year with a total donated yearly of $144! The donation does not have to be just for $12 and can be any amount and we have had donations of up to $100 per month. Please know that any amount is very much appreciated and makes a big difference to the Greyhounds. Any donation makes it possible for MGPS continue their mission of finding loving, responsible homes for Greyhounds!



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Retired racing greyhounds are fantastic pets. They are gentle, curious, playful, and laid-back companions who want nothing more than to be with their humans. Consider adopting one of these beautiful hounds when you want unending love and devotion.



Greyhounds make great pets. See our adoptable dogs here and schedule your appointment by calling (207) 626-2893.

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