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Gia got her splint off and about a week later I took Gia to All Creatures Vet Hospital in Rockport for a follow up. Dr. Dmitriy Kopytnik did an exam and watched her walk. Her right rear leg is a little muscle wasted and the ligament is tight....but those are normal changes due to having the leg splinted. He gave me some physical therapy to do with her and suggested cold laser treatments too. He said that within 3-4 months she will have an improved gait as she uses the leg more....GREAT NEWS!! She was so tired that she napped on the way home <3

I will spend time with her following dr's orders and then the next step will be to have her spay done.

She is a great puppy and does great when she comes with me to the kennel and hangs out in an xpen in the activity room. She does great in the van, she does need to wear her basket muzzle as she does use her puppy teeth during the trip! She had her first roach in her crate, she eats well, is sometimes a good snuggler....other times wants to eat my glasses....LOL 

People have been so generous with donations for her care. Thank you so much!! If anyone would like to donate please click here to go to the Friends of Maine Facebook page. Any money raised over what she needs will go toward the other 25 that arrived with her. Thank you all <3 Dawn

I am so sorry for the delay in posting an update on Gia! We have been busy taking care of her and the other 25 greyhounds that came in with her. Then we got six more greyhounds in right after that!! BUSY but it's great to be getting more greyhounds and we will have them available for adoption soon!

Gia has been doing great!! She stayed with me for the isolation period and then went to another foster home for her to heal up....thank you Mandy! Gia has been having her splint changed as needed, has her own potty space and even space on the deck!!

She was 29 pounds when she arrived, was 31 pounds the next week, then 10 days later she was 37 pounds!!! She is going to be a big girl!! To put that in to perspective....my Luna at one year old was 42 pounds--she is on the small side as she is 48 pounds now at 19 months. WOW--she is almost Luna size already!!

She gets to spend time on "crate" rest but also with many other greyhounds around to be able to socialize. She has puppy energy now and wants to be able to run!! She will have her splint on for a little while more and a follow up appointment soon.

Thank you all for the donations!! We were able to raise all the money that is estimated to be needed for her care. If anyone would like to donate to help with medical expenses for the other 31 greyhounds that arrived with or after her, please click the donate button at the top of this page, write a check to MGPS--ATTN Dawn Curtis, 231 Old Belgrade Rd. Augusta, ME 04330, or go to our Friends of Maine Facebook page .

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has donated and especially the ones to continue to donated. There is no way that we would have been able to get so many greyhounds to Maine without your continued support <3 ~ Dawn

gia at mandys 2 gia at mandys

We have a surprise that came with our last transport....a greyhound puppy!!! Her name is Gia and she was playing with her litter mates a little too rough and ended up breaking her leg. The good news is that it's a chip and will hopefully heal quickly. She is on pain medication and has a splint and needs crate rest for about 4 weeks. She has had an initial vet visit with x-rays and will need a follow up. This is an unexpected expense but how could we say no to that cute little face

We are asking for donations to go toward her medical costs. If we end up making anything above her costs for her medical care, that would be a HUGE help and will go toward the medical care for her 25 other friends who made the trip to Maine with her.

Please visit our Facebook Page send a check to MGPS, ATTN Dawn Curtis 231 Old Belgrade Rd, Augusta, ME 04330--with Puppy Gia on the subject line or donate by clicking here

**GIA IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION**~ Please do not call asking for information about adopting Gia at this time as she hasn't been medically cleared. Thank you for your cooperation Dawn

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Puppy Gia Gia 9
Gia 4

Exciting news! MGPS will be getting 25 more greyhounds this weekend!! If anyone would like to help with transportation costs please click the donate button on our facebook page Friends of Maine Greyhound. Your continued donations are allowing us to continue to bring greyhounds to Maine!! Thank you all so much and please realize that any amount is a HUGE help toward the goal of making greyhounds available for adoption

Please donate if possible and share to spread the word! I will post pictures as soon as I can. Pictures posted are from our last intake... arriving at the kennel, on the scale to be weighed, bath time and some snuggle time with Elizabeth <3 Also, check out Petfinder for the available greyhounds for adoption. I will be adding more as they become available for adoption ~ Dawn"

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