Have you ever wondered what it takes to care for the greyhounds at MGPS? Please consider getting more information and see about becoming a volunteer by calling Dawn at 557-3166

Click here to download the volunteer application


MGPS will be starting boarding on April 1, 2021. Please text or call Sheila at 207-557-1256. Text preferred for a quicker response time.

Did you know that Maine Greyhound Placement Service offers exceptional boarding accommodations for greyhounds (and all sighthounds) in need of a cozy and safe place to stay? Our boarders enjoy clean, comfortable, and climate-controlled conditions and a whole lot of extra TLC, all in a pleasant country setting. Soothing background music plays continuously to promote a peaceful atmosphere.

Our facilities are equipped with interior and exterior security cameras, closed-circuit television sets, and motion detection lighting. Your pet's safety and security are top priority here at MGPS.

Boarders are turned-out into a large fenced-in exercise yard in groups of four a minimum of four times a day. All greyhounds wear basket-type muzzles while out together to be on the safe side. 

Boarding rates are $25 per calendar day per greyhound.

To make your dogs stay complete, MGPS also offers spa services during their stay. The fees are as follows:

Bath = $20

Nail Trim Only = $10

We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. The fees associated with boarding and grooming help fund the retired greyhounds' daily care while awaiting adoption in our kennel.

We require that all dogs boarding with us are up-to-date on their Distemper/Parvo, Rabies, and Kennel Cough vaccinations and/or have titers proving antibody protection. If your dog requires any vaccinations before coming to MGPS, they will need to have them done ten days before your pet's stay. All dogs coming into boarding must be free of fleas and ticks.

Greyhounds have unique requirements. Don't let your precious dog board just anywhere. Leave them here with us for a fun, comfortable stay. You can rest assured that your hound will be taken care of by trained folks who truly know greyhounds in every sense of the word and are familiar with all of those special needs.

Please click here to read, print out, and sign the boarder agreement to bring when you drop off your greyhound for boarding.